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Hi there!
I just wanted to share this with people who like nail art as much as I do. I'm currently throwing my first give away at my nail art blog. There is one winner and it is open internationally. The prize is a set of 30 Oumaxi acrylic paints for nail art and two pen-brushes. This is open until the 5th of October, there are many ways to enter and all is explained on my blog (Example - liking my FB Fan page gives you 5 points on your entry - all methods of entering just involve a click)

All the details can be seen here:…
I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have been looking at and faving my nail art! When I stopped drawing/painting wolves and whatnot it was because I no longer felt like it was within my inspiration. I always like to do things I feel passionate about. When I do creative things I am not feeling passionate about it shows..

I have had so much support from people liking my nail art. My nail blog started last November and today I reached 100 blog posts. Every nail art piece I post here at deviant art originally gets posted to my blog. It may be annoying perhaps that I link my blog in every nail art related submission but its because I name all products and techniques there and I am working hard on getting my blog to grow. Visitors are numbers..numbers make things happen (Not to say I'm not grateful for everyone who clicks!) But the main plan for me now is to get a sponsor so I can do a massive nail polish give away. I owe this to my readers.

If you've visited my blog or you have faved my nail art here on DA I owe you a big fat thank you. Its the little things like this that have made me feel more confident. I couldn't be more grateful <3
Hello Everyone!
I was recently sent from products from Kkcenterhk ~ to review. I had so much fun playing with the circle glitter they sent me in 'Peacock Green' which is pictured below. (You can read my full review of this here:… ) They also kindly gave my blog readers a 10% discount with all orders. Its a great website and really worth checking out, they have THOUSANDS of nail art decorations aswell as make up, polish, wigs and all other kinds of things but their nail art section is just amazing!

Peacock Circle Glitter by Ithfifi

You can get 10% off as a reader by entering the coupon code 'ithinitybeauty' when you check out. This coupon is good until 2014!

Hope you enjoy!